Bucketfuls of Dandelions

Bucketfuls of Dandelions

Spring’s definitely here, and so are the dandelions :(

Just as fast as we’re digging them out, more appear!

While we like a bit of colour on the plot, this really isn’t the answer! ¬†We’ve been told off about dandelions in the past, they seem to be the one plant that riles the plot neighbours on our allotments!

Plot neighbour, Steve, suggested drying the root to make ‘coffee’ – excitedly we picked some, ‘does it taste ok then?’ we asked him… ‘well, I didn’t say that!’ he replied!! Still, we have some roots drying…

So, is the only way really to dig them out? And with every little bit of root having to come out too?

How do you handle your dandelions?


  1. You could try making dandelion beer. It’s quick, easy and uses the whole plant – flowers, leaves and roots. Got a bottle chilling in the fridge for later. Tastes great!

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